Atovian GUM Referendum Successful

From 18-20 January, the citizens of the Kingdom of Atovia voted in a historic referendum. The referendum was on the question of the kingdom joining the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM), and was initially proposed by Chancellor Edward Daniels.

In order to comply with the requirements set forth in the Basic Law of Atovia, this referendum had to pass both a national vote as well as a vote of all Atovian provinces. In the absence of a Theolonian legislature, a separate referendum was used to fulfill the provincial requirement.

The results were as follows:

“Should Atovia join the Grand Unified Micronational?”

  • National
    • Yes: 80%
    • No: 20%
  • Provincial – Theolonia
    • Yes: 100%
    • No: 0%

The process for joining the GUM will be initiated by the Monarch and the Chancellor, with Connor Stumperth slated to become the Atovian representative if the application is accepted.

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