Voting Opens for 2019 Parliamentary Election

As of 12:01 AM EST on 4 February, the 2019 Parliamentary Election is underway. This election will be held from 4-8 February, and results will be announced the following day. The final results will be published here as soon as they are tabulated.

In this election, citizens will be electing representatives to the Atovian Parliament, officially called the House of Commons. There are three open seats, but only two of them will be filled due to a lack of candidates. The voting system used for all parliamentary elections is the Single Transferable Vote.

The two candidates for these new and exciting government roles are Milaw Oakforrest and Chase Nanatovich, both of the New Democratic Party. Since there were no candidates from the Libertarian Party or the Conservative Party, it appears that the Commons will be under NDP control until the next election.

To all citizens of Atovia: Don’t forget to vote!

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