Prime Minister Nanatovich Resigns

The first elected prime minister of Atovia, Chase Nanatovich, officially resigned from his seat in the House of Commons on 10 May 2019. He has said that the reason for this decision is the pressure that is put upon him by his position. Mr. Nanatovich has been a very active member of the House of Commons as well as the nation as a whole during his time as prime minister. His achievements during this short time include finalizing the Basic Law as a member of the Atovian Constitutional Committee, writing and proposing to the House of Commons all of the bills to this date, and working to improve the online presence and organization of the nation.

Mr. Nanatovich will continue to be an active member of the federal government, albeit in the judicial branch as opposed to the legislative branch. He was appointed as Chief Justice of Atovia on 12 May 2019 by the chancellor. The former prime minister has stated that his goals are now to form an Atovian bar association and to become a lawyer within the nation.

The empty seat in parliament that was left by this resignation will be filled this weekend in a by-election. Milaw Oakforrest has become the acting prime minister until further notice. This by-election is sure to change the composition of the government and opposition due to the lack of NDP candidates.

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