Stephen Freayth Wins By-Election, Gives Conservatives a Majority

The vacant parliamentary seat left by the resignation of the Rt. Hon. Nanatovich has been filled as of 11:59 on 19 May. The by-election was announced immediately following the prime minister’s announcement, and it was held over the past weekend. Stephen Freayth of the Conservative Party was the only candidate, as both the New Democratic Party and the Libertarian Party did not have enough eligible members to contest the seat. Mr. Freayth won the seat handily, however, he was not free from competition in this by-election.

All Atovian elections have a ‘None of These Candidates’ option, which has the effect of causing all candidates who rank below it in the results to not be elected. This election was the first time this option was selected by voters, but it did not receive a majority.

The House of Commons prior to this election was controlled by a majority NDP government, led by Prime Minister Nanatovich. Since the house is composed of only three members, the CPA gained a majority of the house by taking this seat. It is expected that the leader of the Conservative Party, Erich Thaller, will become the next prime minister of Atovia.

Stephen Freayth, the newly elected member of parliament, is a relative newcomer to the Atovian government scene, having only been a citizen for about a month. However, he is not inexperienced in politics or micronationalism. Mr. Freayth has been a micronationalist since 2010 and has had a major part to play in many nations, most notably the Abeldane Empire.

Full Results:

TURNOUT: 38.5%

Round 1:
* FREAYTH, Stephen (CPA) - 4 - 80.0%
* None of These Candidates - 1 - 20.0%

FREAYTH, Stephen (CPA) has reached the threshold and is elected.

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